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7 Best Google Maps Tricks Everyone Should Know 

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Surely, we all use Google maps, but are you certain you know everything you need to know about them? 

Google-Maps-iconNavigation apps are probably one of the main reasons why we simply adore smartphones and use them all the time. The app which probably everyone has installed is definitely the free and entirely useful Google Maps. What you didn’t know though, is that even though you may think you know everything there is to know about Google Maps, you probably have a thing or two yet to learn! If you would like to improve your knowledge of using Google Maps so you can truly enjoy your next vacation using them, do read on!

1.Create Offline Maps

Creating offline maps can be very useful for instances when you cannot access the Internet. If you want to save a map so that you are able to view it offline, just zoom the map to the level of detail you want and then write OK Maps in search field to save the map. Also, you can search for a specific location and click the “save offline map” option.

2.Launch Navigation Mode

In order to launch the navigation mode faster, hold down the blue transportation icon in the bottom left corner of the app.

3.Zoom In With One Hand

If you double tap the screen you will be able to zoom in even by using just one hand. If you hold your finger on the screen after the second tap you will be able to swipe up and down to smoothly zoom in or out. You’re welcome!


4.Mark A Cool Location

If you want to remember a cool location, search for the location on Google Maps and click “Save”. This will allow you to see these places when visiting “Your Places” from the Google Maps menu.

5.Check Train And Bus Schedules

You can use Google Maps to check train and bus schedules for the departures and arrivals. Just press bus, train or subway icons on the map itself and you will find the times of departure and arrival.

6.Share A Location

pinIt is possible for you not only just to mark a location that you like, but you can also share it with friends. Since sometimes it can be difficult to meet with friends, you can use Google Maps to pin a location and share it in the text message or email, or via social media, with a friend. This will allow you to meet up even in a place where you cannot use any landmarks for orientation.

7.Delete Maps History

If you are logged into your Google account, the Android will track your history of movement, using a feature called Location History. This feature will enable you to see where you have been in the past, but also if you would like to disable it you could do so either by navigating through your device or by visiting Google’s Account History website.

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